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15th-Jun-2006 11:26 am - OMG LMAO!
Here's a good laugh for everyone. You really don't even need sound ;)


Oh shit! LMAO! I would not be able to not laugh I had to pause the video and go laugh in the hallway. I love my people!
8th-Jun-2006 10:09 am - *YAWN*
What'cha doin'?
I want General Tso's chicken. The spicyness is teh ruxxorz!

7th-Jun-2006 12:59 pm - Hi!
Tell me five things about you I don't already know.
19th-May-2006 10:04 am - Who are you?
Eye Poke
One thing I did a long time ago that really helped me understand myself and how I view friends, relationship, or even myself. And while it's hard to hear or it's even something you know it's very helpful to see your weakness written out. It's helped me recognize them and to be more situationally aware.

In the case of relationships I always stick around much much to long after the relationship needs to part ways. It helped me to know that or just have it explain to my personailty type. My last relationship I successfully ended it before everything when severily south. I hope this could be a help to you all.

First you have to take the Jung Myers Brigg personality test here: http://similarminds.com/jung_word.html

Then match up your personality type and read about all the various facets of it here: http://www.personalitypage.com/portraits.html
(ie. relationships, career, personal growth. etc) Those links are at the bottom when you selected your personality type.

The site best says what I'm trying to say:

We all come in different SHAPES and SIZES.
We all have STRENGTHS and weaknesses.
What's right for one person may not be right for another.
There are things that are important to me, that you don't care about at all!
And sometimes your behavior doesn't make any sense to me.
But I want for us to understand each other, and communicate well,
because we live together in the same world.
I know I can't expect you to want the same things that I want.
We are not the same person, so we will not always see things the same way.
I have my own Thoughts and my own Ideas,
that may or may not fit into your vision of who I should be.
By learning more about my own Personality, and about other Personality Types,
I can come to a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.
I can improve my interpersonal relationships, realign my expectations towards others,
and gain a better self-knowledge that will help me define and achieve goals.

Btw I'm an ENFP
11th-May-2006 10:49 am - AAB Special Report
Evil Penguin
It has come to our attention that the bellowing goblin brontosaurus (BGB), Jacob aka Lokil aka Wee wee Le Phew has attempted to falsify information on his myspace profile in attempt to cast himself in a better light.

Reference materials screen captured and markedCollapse )

This special report is intended for the use of the individual addressee(s) named above and may contain information that is confidential, privileged or unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self-esteem, no sense of humour or irrational religious beliefs. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying of this email is not authorised (either explicitly or implicitly) and constitutes an irritating social faux pas.

Unless the word absquatulation has been used in its correct context somewhere other than in this warning, it does not have any legal or no grammatical use and may be ignored. No animals were harmed in the transmission of this special report, although the kelpie next door is living on borrowed time, let me tell you. Those of you with an overwhelming fear of the unknown will be gratified to learn that there is no hidden message revealed by reading this warning backwards, so just ignore that Alert Notice from Microsoft.

However, by pouring a complete circle of salt around yourself and your computer you can ensure that no harm befalls you and your pets. If you have received this email in error, please add some nutmeg and egg whites, whisk and place in a warm oven for 40 minutes.

This special report has been brought to you by the council at the AAB, the Oh Noes! Super Team President, the letters S, and the number 7.
9th-May-2006 09:24 am - Soundtrack part 3:
Space for rent
The third topic for the soundtrack is:

3. Average Day: Just a normal day for you doing errands, going to work, or maybe a weekend day etc.

My waking up soundtrack?
Brad Mehldau - Derefulating Jazz
5th-May-2006 01:11 pm - Sharon's feeling alot better
No more fever and was quite fiesty when I hung out with her last night. Still a bit tired but I imagine should be back to her crazy antics on monday =)

Continuing on the soundtrack project:
2. Waking Up: The opening sequence where your just waking up to the day. Is it chaotic? Is it quiet?

My selection for my opening credits? Maurice - Feline
4th-May-2006 01:47 pm - A little distraction
Get Jiggy wit it
So in light of everything I thought I'd provide a little distraction to help ease the worry of things for everyone.

I have on the list of things I've always wanted to do was to actually complete the thing where you create a soundtrack of your life with music for various parts. The big problem is I look at the list and think oh crap that's going to take forever. So... I'll try to post one a day and we can all discuss each one and post our thoughts on what that might be. Maybe after 20 days or so we'll actually all have soundtracks for our lives completed and then if we want we can send them to each other.

So first up is....

1. Opening Credits: What song captivates the mood that would play as the movie begins with the Produced by:, Directed by:, Starting: etc.?

Edit: Sorry I posted it in the wrong place the first time.
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